The Art of Snacking

The Art of Snacking

Fight the afternoon slump and feel fuller for longer with our top 3 snack hacks.

Whether it's the 3pm slump or a dreaded case of the hangries, snacking can often be the time we make choices that don't always support our journey to whole-body health. Our top tips are here to help you master the art of snacking, be in control of your cravings, and feel fuller for longer.


Hack #1: Face the fats

Good quality fats are incredibly filling and nutritious. Eating fat slows down the speed at which our body metabolises food. Slower metabolism means you're less likely to feel hungry so soon after eating. 

Snack suggestion: A steaming cup of hot cacao, with maca powder, ghee and MCT oil. 

Hack #2: Power up with protein

Protein is the most satiating thing we can eat. Period. When 3pm hits and our sweet tooth pipes up, don't be fooled. That voice is actually our bodies trying to tell us that it's craving certain amino acids. These amino acids are found in meat, cheese, yoghurt, and nuts. Try thinking of your sugar cravings as amino acid cravings! When eating protein, we recommend choosing organic and grass-fed products whenever possible.

Snack suggestion: Full-fat yoghurt topped with crushed activated pecans. Stir through some collagen for an amino acid boost.

Hack #3: Get salty (and hydrated)

Did you know that hunger can be a symptom of dehydration? Often we'll reach for snacks when its actually water our body needs. If you're feeling hungry not long after a meal, try adding 1/4 teaspoon of good quality salt (we like Celtic salt) to your water bottle. A good quality salt acts like an electrolyte (without the sugars and nasty additives!)

And that friends, is artful snacking! 

All our love,

Poco x

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