We tackle your most frequently asked questions

We tackle your most frequently asked questions

One thing's for sure — the rumour mill is in overdrive when it comes to collagen. We’re here to clear all that up by tackling a few common myths.

Can I substitute collagen with protein powder?

No dice. Collagen and protein powder contain different amino acids which means the body uses them to perform different tasks. Think: protein for muscle repair + growth, collagen for skin, hair, nail, joint and gut support. We can take them together, or separately. 

I've heard that we can't actually absorb collagen powder. Is that true?

Nope! Ritual Collagen undergoes hydrolysis, which is a fancy word for the breaking down of collagen peptides into smaller particles. This allows our gut to fully absorb it. It’s then sent to the areas that need it most via the bloodstream. 

I've heard about vegan collagen. Is this the same as bovine collagen?

Negative. There’s actually no such thing as vegan collagen! Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in animals and humans. Plants do not contain any collagen. If we're serious about rebuilding collagen, we need to choose potent bioactive collagen peptides that are backed by science. 

Can I used a collagen cream instead of a collagen powder?

Long story short, no. Collagen production occurs below the epidermis, so anything topical isn’t going to stimulate new collagen production. While a cream might be lovely and moisturising, it's not working deep within your body to rebuild collagen at a cellular level. 


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